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About Us


Welcome to here and thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.

Our Mission

Our name, the cubertime, represent our expectation--To the cubers, for the cubers. It means that we will remain enthusiasm to provide the most fine service and  the best quality puzzles for the cubers. We listen to what cubers want, and strive to satisfy their requests. If you are the cube lovers, you can enjoy a great online shopping experience at our website.

Our History

Our website story began with an independent  cube club where we met during our university years and became friends due to our shared interest in puzzles. As  cube enthusiasts, we participated in various competitions and events, but we found that there was no single platform that provided all the information and products we needed.

So, we decided to create our own website to specialize in selling high-quality  cubes to meet the needs of  cube enthusiasts worldwide. We hired a group of experts and collectively gathered, tested, and evaluated various  cube products to ensure that only the best ones were sold on our website.

After months of hard work, the website was officially launched and quickly attracted cube enthusiasts from around the world. On the website, enthusiasts can find all types of  cubes, from beginner-level to professional-level, and even rare collectibles. The website not only offers high-quality  cube products but also provides various useful resources, such as video tutorials, solutions, and product reviews, and has won the praise and trust of  cube enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, our website has become one of the largest and most popular  cube communities globally, with thousands of enthusiasts visiting us every day. We promise to continue providing the best products and services to help  cube enthusiasts learn, improve, and enjoy the fun of puzzles.

Our Recommended Lube Services

Factory(No Premium Setup)----  Factory lubrication

Standard(Complete Lube & Tuning Service)----  Basic lubrication and tensioning

Premium(Complete Lube & Tuning Service Balanced & Stable Turning)---- Moderate lubration and tensioning,controllable setup

Premium(Complete Lube & Tuning Service Fast & Smooth Turning)----  Fast lubrication and tensioning, smooth setup

Our Modified Speedcubes

Based on the factory structure of speedcubes, add a new magnetic posioning scheme manually, with professional setting and lubrication to break through the performance limit of the original factory structure, bring a more excellent turning experience. We have professional cubers to provide modified speedcubes. This will greatly improve your cubing experience. 

Our Diy Model

We provide you with customized service, you can diy your favorite cube style, or you can customize a special cube as a gift for your friends. If you have any good ideas and suggestions, welcome to give us feedback.

We hope you are enjoying a good shopping time in the cubertime.